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Managing chronic diseases requires an intricate balance of medical expertise, patient engagement, and administrative efficiency. With CDMpal, we simplify this complex process by providing a comprehensive solution that connects GPs, nurses, and patients, fostering an environment of proactive health management.
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MGT is a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system created to alleviate administrative burdens in coordinating care for chronic diseases in primary healthcare.

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CDMpal is a mobile application crafted to transform the manner in which patients and their families engage with their care teams in primary healthcare settings.

Reduce admin burden, retain your patients and make life easier for GPs, nurses, patients and their families.

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Why Choose CDMpal?

Our platform ensures that your transition to enhanced patient care is smooth and hassle-free. Sign up today and discover how easy it is to transform your practice’s operational dynamics. Don’t let administrative tasks overshadow patient care. With CDMpal, streamline your practice’s operations, engage with your patients, and provide exceptional care.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Reduce unproductive calls, printing & scanning.

Avoid wasting time on paperwork.

Stop interruptions to consultations.

Enhance Patient Practice Relationship

Save patients' time.

Improve doctor - patient communications

Enhance care coordination

Patient Outcomes

Better chronic disease management

More disease monitoring

Early detection of complications

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Connect with Patients Using CDMpal

With CDMpal, connection is just a tap away. Our mobile interface is meticulously crafted to provide your patients with a user-friendly experience, enabling them to always stay in touch with their health care journey. From scheduling appointments to receiving reminders for health checks, CDMpal keeps everyone connected and informed.


Save time

Features to save time in doctor-patient practive interactions during and after consultations.

Less paperwork

Steamlined results, referral, medicals and otehr document exchange is to designed to save time.

Reduce admin burden

Less pritingm faxing, scanning and elimintating unprodutive phone calls in paperworkrelated tasks are all deisnged to reduce admin burden to the practice and the patient.

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Improve team collaboration

Design to imprpove the team collaboration with simplemeasures.

Reduce patient frustration

Saving time, easy collaboration and streamlined workflows are all designed to give the best possible experience to the patient and their families.

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